Twigs values

Honesty & Integrity

We promote honesty, integrity and openness in everything we do here at Twigs. We achieve this through being transparent in our processes both via the magazine and website.

As a creator and founder I aim to be true to myself and will work with integrity to create, produce and distribute Twigs magazine in as ethical a way as possible. I am not perfect, but I am doing my best and will strive to do so at all times.


Diversity, engagement and belonging are central to Twigs. To be engaged and to learn you need to feel included and valued. Here at Twigs we strive to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is a natural state and not an initiative. We want to celebrate each individual and their uniqueness and use Twigs to provide accessibility and be a conduit for positive change. 

- We are committed to learning and increasing our knowledge to ensure that no discrimination occurs and that any unconscious bias is addressed.

Continual Learning

Continuous learning and adaptation is essential to our existence, it nourishes our hearts and minds. Twigs will use gained learning to critically analyse and test information rather than adopting established ways. 

Adherence to the principles of:

Earth Care

All gifts, contributors, and Twigs content and processes will be checked to ensure that they are kind to the earth. 

People Care

Fostering communication an support is integral to Twigs. Bullying, harassment, prejudice or discrimination of any form has no room in today's society. 

Future Care

Twigs will ensure that it treads lightly upon the earth and its finite resources. Twigs will promote positive change and foster hope, resilience and solution focussed thinking throughout its pages and ethos.