Inside Twigs Issue 2

Inside Issue 2

Inside Twigs Issue 2

Issue 2 takes a look at the colder seasons. It has an underlying theme relating to resilience and finding the light in the dark. It looks at stars as the representative of the radial symmetry pattern in nature.

This issue sees competition winners featuring as the yoga child and the story characters. The environment warrior section features the entries sent in to Twigs magazine.

The ‘The Camping Trip’ story has been written specifically for this issue by Penguin published author Jen Carney. The story shows how natural resources and experiencing the sky at night can provide fun activities, inspire the imagination and teach children about nocturnal creatures and to see the light in the dark.
Various fun activities and games encourage the use of fine and gross motor skills and promote balance and calm such as the patterns in nature, craft pages and yoga.

Bob and Adam from Wendover Wood have created this star stencil just for Twigs magazine. It is made from untreated, FSC approved plywood and can be recycled or composted. Wendover Wood operates out of 2 garden workshops between their allotments and use old fashioned techniques as well as modern equipment. Some of the equipment is wind powered too!
The star can be used as a stencil for large and small star shapes but can also be decorated with paint/pens/wool etc and turned into a hanging decoration or ornament.
The star is UKCA/CE compliant and not for children under 3. Please supervise your child accordingly.
Wendover wood is a member of the British Toymakers Guild and more information can be found at