Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Today is the first day that I have sat down to intentionally write. I’m definitely on a roller coaster ride and I know that, once I have the magazine printed and I have learnt more about technology and social media, it will become easier. (I’m much better at just creating the ideas). I am using the positive power of Yet! I may not have it all figured out Yet, but I will get there.

Aside from my technology skills, I wanted to let you know my vision for Twigs magazine.

Once it is established and paying for itself, any profit will go towards various environmental/ children’s/community charities and charitable groups.

Twigs will also be offered as a pay it forward magazine where people will have the option to add a bit extra to their payment which will help subsidise the magazine for others to access.

I would like to see Twigs as an alternative magazine in shops to show that ‘Plastic is not fantastic or necessary’ and that nature and natural resources can provide if we just look after the earth. I hope that Twigs will encourage us all to look after and respect the earth and ourselves.

How amazing would it be if we all learn to love ourselves, be confident in our abilities, be kind and connect with others and build a community where everyone is fed, sheltered, loved and content.

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