What is Permaculture?

 Permaculture is working in harmony with nature not against it. It provides a framework for creating sustainable, ecologically sound ways of living. A life affirming system with respect for nature and the earth we live on.

 At its core are the 3 Permaculture ethics of;

Earth  Care

 Our Earth sustains us. It provides us with all the essentials for life; air, water, food, shelter. Taking care of the earth and its interconnected systems is essential and includes all living and non-living systems. Reducing our impact on the environment and being aware and caring for the earth is necessary.

People Care

 First and foremost is the care of self, it is too easy for us to neglect ourselves but look to others. In order to care for others, to move forward, to be healthy, to be safe, we have to look after ourselves first. Self care promotes a healthy and positive body and mind and strengthens our resilience.


 People care is also about ensuring that everyone’s basic needs are met; food, shelter, clean air and water, education, healthy relationships. It is about understanding and supporting the power of community and connections. When people come together as a diverse and knowledgeable community to support each other and meet their needs; physical, emotional, social, it creates a bond and builds a stable, healthy community which prospers.

Fair share

 I also use Future care and connections within this but that is my personal opinion. We only have one earth it needs respect, we share it with all living things and with our future generations. The world's resources are finite, if we only take a fair share, live sustainably, share our resources and knowledge, share our surplus products then there will be enough for everybody.

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