• Short texts to encourage word recognition and reading

  • Extension activities for older and very curious children

  • Activities to promote co-ordination and development of gross and fine motor skills

  • Use of full body and mind exercises that can be adapted to suit the individual

  • Incorporates BSL, uses a Dyslexie font and organic colours to prevent over stimulation

  • Themed magazine using natural illustrations of plants and animals

  • Embeds permaculture ethics and principles and the interconnectedness of all living and nonliving things

Inside Issue #1

Issue 1 takes an in-depth look at Trees and encourages individuals to use all their senses when approaching trees and to really experience being in nature.

The 'Trees are Awesome' story has been written specifically for this issue by Penguin published author Jen Carney. The story shows that nature can provide food, shelter, fun activities and inspire the imagination.

Various fun activities and games encourage the use of fine and gross motor skills and promote balance and calm such as the patterns in nature, spiral drawing and yoga.