How many issues will there be this year?

To start, Twigs will have two issues: the First will be in May and the next will be published in November 2021. Year 2022 will see Twigs as a quarterly magazine.

What age group is Twigs magazine aimed at?

Twigs is primarily aimed at 4-8 year olds. However, we have had some younger readers and you never get too old to read our magazine! It is ideal to be read together with someone so that you can talk about the activities and messages within.

What's inside Twigs magazine

Twigs magazine is full of fun and engaging activites and stories. Twigs will aid the development of imagination and the utilisation of natural resources which can be used in play. It will create awareness of a solution focussed growth mindset as well as promoting basic skills such as fine and gross motor skills, numeracy and literacy.

Do you use advertising in your magazine?

No, we will not accept paid advertising. We are advert free, plastic free, sponsorship free, corporate free. However, if a gift is provided on the magazine then we will tell you who it is from and its ethical credentials in order to be transparent and we will have a link to their site in order for you to be able to gain more information if you wanted to. The only other thing we will do is, if we are gifting any competition prizes, then we will give them a shout out in the magazine and on the website as a mutually beneficial exchange. All for the gift economy!

When will I receive my issue?

Twigs will be going to print week commencing 19th April 2021 and an update will be sent once the issues are complete and ready to go. The magazine will be sent out within 3-5 days of payment.

Can I subscribe?

At the moment we do not have a subscription for the magazine but we are looking to provide this option in the near future.

Can the magazine be delivered overseas

Please contact twigs at so we can confirm options and delivery costs.

What makes Twigs suitable for recycling/composting?

Twigs can be recycled with your paper waste or it can be home composted by removing the staples and then tearing the paper into smaller pieces and adding it to your compost.

Twigs magazine is made from uncoated recycled paper. It's made using a TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) pulp and the company were awarded Gold in the Cradle to Cradle certification last year 2020.

The inks are mineral oil free and use vegetable oil materials instead. Use of these inks on products suitable for disposal in waste intended for composting and eventual biodegradation will not adversely affect these processes.

The Warning stickers on the first issue are also 100% recycled and are also recyclable.