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Meet the Creative team behind Twigs

Hi I’m Sally the illustrator.

I am a UCLan illustration graduate and the owner of sawillustration.

I enjoy using an organic process such as dip pen and ink and even sometimes twigs!  I love the natural processes and colours.

I have two grown up boys and a Grandaughter who is the apple of my eye.

I am owned by 2 gorgeous staffies and love spending time with them and my human family too.

My hobbies include journeying to new places on my motorbike which I find is quite meditative and illustrating the places I end up around the beautiful North West in my little journal.



Hello, I’m Clare, the creator of Twigs magazine.


I have been working on this idea for a couple of years and it has now come to its fruition due mainly to the dedication and outstanding services of Sally the illustrator and Mike the graphic designer.


The idea for Twigs first occurred after I’d had my son Huxley (who you’ll see featured in the first issue). My view of the world and also my knowledge of alternative ways of living, as opposed to the status quo, was changing and expanding. I‘m frustrated that I had been unconsciously in denial and also angry that it had taken me until my forties to begin to see the world differently.

Twigs has brought me a chance to do something, to help others via the younger generation and be an activist in my own way. I still get overwhelmed, angry, despondent and confused but having this focus helps. If one person, no matter how small, can make a difference then imagine if all these individuals join up – what a force for nature we will be!


Random facts about me:


I love subversive cross stitching


My husband and I saved the lead Husky dogs life (the one from Tomb raider with Angelina Jolie) whilst in Scotland; after it had its carotid artery punctured by another dog.


I sometimes struggle with processing my speech and my memory can be a bit sketchy due to my mental health; my excuse for rambling on a lot and losing the points I’m making!


I’d love to grow my own food forest in the garden so I'm working on my basic gardening skills first.


Graphic Designer

I’m Mike the graphic designer.


After working in a number of jobs/positions as a graphic designer, a few years ago I decided it was time to work for myself.


I spend all my days colouring in on a Mac and I have to say...

Not many people can say they love what they do, or turn what they enjoyed as a child into a flourishing career. I really enjoy watching as a project comes together and goes from a idea to a final published design.

I have two wonderful kids - Chloe and Theo (who we nick name Clio when shouting them both). I adore spending time with my family (especially going on holidays and going on little adventures outdoors).


My hobbies are (except for designing of course);

mountain biking, motorbiking, snowboarding and I play ice hockey for a local rec team.

I also love to travel and generally experience new things with my family.




Proof reader 

Zerry Harrison

SEN consultant

Jan Burrows

Permaculture consultant

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