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The earth friendly magazine for young planet protectors.

The first children’s magazine of its kind to be environmentally friendly and compostable with no plastic toys attached!


What is Twigs?

Twigs is the first children’s magazine of its kind to be environmentally friendly, plastic free and compostable whilst encouraging positive mental health, enabling solution focussed thinking and incorporating the Permaculture principles of earth care, people care and future care and connections.

Twigs is aimed at children aged 4 and above; you are never too young (or old) to learn and connect to nature.

Twigs will help children reconnect with nature, and through compassion and love, help them create a sustainable and positive future.

Through fun and engaging activities and stories Twigs will aid the development of imagination and a solution focussed growth mindset as well as basic skills such as fine and gross motor skills, numeracy and literacy.

Twigs aims to be accessible to all and includes BSL signs, Dyslexie fonts and organic colours throughout to reduce over stimulation whilst remaining engaging and a variety of activities that can be adapted to suit your family’s needs.

Twigs is published four times a year and we are proud to produce printed magazines. Whilst we encourage the use of a tactile and tangible magazine it can also be downloaded as a pdf here.


Artwork courtesy of Ktshepherdpermaculture.com

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Bebber Bee

 Twigs has its own environmental Warrior, who will encourage your child to take action and become a planet protector.

Inside Twigs

A look at Twigs magazine and a sneak preview of the first issue


If we want children to flourish, to be truly empowered we must first allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it.’ (Sobel, 1996)

If we can encourage children to walk the path of sustainability, fill them with awe at their natural surroundings and promote curiosity and solution focussed, resilient thinking then our planet has hope.


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What a lovely magazine, you must be very proud. There is a lovely mixture of activities, (both practical and including outdoors). Some elements are aimed at older infant children but can be accessed by younger children with adult support


Mrs Reeve, EYFS teacher

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